What are Kratom Gummies – Is it Edible?

Kratom Gummies

If you’re like me, you’re always seeking innovative ways to enjoy botanical supplements like kratom. One increasingly popular format that has me intrigued is kratom gummies. Their appealing form and flavor makes taking kratom easy and discreet. 

But what exactly are kratom gummies, how are they made, and are they the right choice? In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons, types available, proper dosing, and even how to DIY gummies yourself. After reading, you’ll have all the knowledge to decide if these tantalizing treats are for you! Let’s dive into the world of kratom gummies.

What Are Kratom Gummies?

Kratom gummies are small, chewable candies infused with powdered kratom leaf or liquid kratom extracts. The gummy format allows precise measured doses of kratom’s active compounds like mitragynine to be delivered in a tastier, more innocuous form than raw powder.

By encapsulating concentrated kratom powder or extract into a sweet gummy base, the bitter “earthy” taste of kratom is completely masked, providing tasty benefits of Kratom gummies. This makes dosing much more pleasant and palatable.

The portable gummies also allow for convenient, discreet kratom supplementation anytime, anywhere. Overall, kratom gummies provide an easy and enjoyable way to harness the intriguing effects of this beneficial botanical.

What Exactly Are Kratom Edibles?

Kratom edibles refer to any food products that have been infused with kratom extracts, tinctures, or dried powdered leaf in order to mask the bitter taste of raw kratom. The most popular form of kratom edibles currently on the market are kratom gummies, which are gummy candies infused with a concentrated kratom extract.

However, kratom can be added to many types of foods and confections. Other examples of kratom edibles include chocolate kratom truffles or fudge, which conceal the flavor in rich chocolate; baked goods like brownies and cookies with kratom powder added to the batter or dough; capsules filled with kratom powder for easy ingestion; chocolate bars or candies made with kratom extract;

Chewing gum infused with flavored kratom extracts; and kratom powder blended into protein shakes, smoothies, or other beverages to make it more palatable. For those who find the bitter, earthy taste of natural kratom powder unappealing, infusing it into edibles is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of kratom in a tastier format. The options for kratom edibles are continuing to expand as demand rises.

Benefits Of Kratom Gummies

Why have so many kratom users, myself included, gotten into gummies? There are several key benefits:

Taste – The sweet fruity flavors completely mask the earthy, bitter notes of raw kratom. Even kids love gummies!

Convenience – No prep, mess or cleanup. Gummies are easy to stash, carry and consume anytime.

Easy Dosing – Premeasured kratom quantities mean no weighing powder and consistent results.

Fun Factor – Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love gummy candy? It removes any supplement intimidation. 

Absorption – Some report faster effects from gummies versus raw powder. The preparation method may increase bioavailability.

Overall, kratom gummies offer a tasty, discreet, and potent way to gain the benefits of Mitragyna speciosa leaf.

What Types of Kratom Gummies Are Available? 

There are a few main types of kratom gummies on the market:

Powdered Leaf Gummies – These contain regular crushed kratom leaf, providing the full spectrum of alkaloids. You’ll find options like Red Borneo or White Maeng Da strain gummies.

Extract Gummies – Rather than whole leaf, these utilize concentrated mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine extracts to achieve stronger potency at lower volumes.

CBD Gummies – Some gummies combine kratom’s botanical benefits with the therapeutic effects of CBD. This allows for an intriguing synergy.

Flavor Varieties – From citrus to cherry, gummies are available in a huge assortment of tantalizing flavors to keep things exciting.

No matter your preferences, there’s a kratom gummy out there for everyone. You just have to find the variety that’s right for you!

Easy DIY Kratom Gummy Recipe

While buying premade gummies is easiest, you can play amateur candy chef and make your own using:


  • 1⁄4 cup kratom powder
  • 3 ounces gummy blend gelatin 
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch 
  • 1⁄4 cup cold water
  • 1⁄2 cup sweetener
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon flavoring (optional)
  • Extract (optional)


  1. Mix gelatin, cornstarch, and kratom powder in a small saucepan. 
  2. Gradually stir in cold water, then sweetener and flavor/extracts if using.
  3. Heat on low, stirring regularly, until fully dissolved into liquid.
  4. Pour mixture into gummy molds and refrigerate 1-2 hours until set.
  5. Remove gummies from molds and keep stored in a sealed container.

Get creative with flavors like citrus, cherry, peach, or even make CBD kratom combo gummies. Homemade allows customization for your tastes!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Kratom Gummies?

Like any supplement format, kratom gummies have both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Taste much better than raw powder 
  • Easy to consume discreetly
  • Pre-measured doses 
  • Long shelf life
  • Can enhance absorption rate


  • Possible delayed onset
  • Heat and moisture can damage gummies 
  • More expensive than powder
  • Can’t infinitely adjust doses
  • Added sugar intake

Overall, the pros seem to outweigh any downsides for most seeking a tasty kratom experience. But as with any edible, know your ideal dosage and start low.


I hope this guide has shed light on the emerging world of kratom gummies! They offer an easy, fun way to try this botanical, especially for those who dislike the natural plant taste. However, finding quality gummies and properly dosing takes some research.

For maximum safety and benefits, fully vet any kratom gummy company and listen to your body to dial in your ideal dosage. Used responsibly, kratom gummies can be a delicious method for harnessing kratom’s unique properties. Just enter the candy shop carefully and armed with knowledge.

Let me know if you have any other questions after reading! I’m happy to chat more about this tasty kratom format.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do kratom gummy effects last?

Most users report kratom gummies providing effects for 4-6 hours. Factors like your metabolism, stomach contents, and gummy potency impact duration. Onset may be slightly delayed compared to raw powder.

What’s the ideal kratom gummy dosage? 

It depends on the product, but a typical starting dose is 1-2 gummies. Wait at least an hour to assess effects before considering taking more. Be very careful not to overdo it with gummies as they taste so good!

Which type of kratom works best for gummies?

Energizing green or understanding white vein kratom strains are commonly used in gummies, but some prefer the relaxing effects of red veins. Try out different types to see which gummy provides your ideal results!

Can kids safely take kratom gummies?

Absolutely not! Children should never consume kratom products. Kratom is only considered safe for adults when used responsibly. Keep gummies secured away from kids.

Are kratom gummies legal?

Legality is tricky. While raw kratom is legal in most U.S. states, some have banned specifically processed products like gummies. Make sure to research laws in your specific area before purchasing.

Let me know if you have any other kratom gummy questions!

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