Super Green Kratom: All You Need To Know

As a long-time kratom enthusiast, Super Green is one of my absolute favorite strains. Its unique alkaloid profile provides the best of both worlds simultaneous energy and pain relief! But what exactly makes Super Green so special? 

In this detailed guide, I’ll share everything I’ve learned about Super Green kratom through extensive personal experience and research. We’ll unpack its origins, growing regions, popularity, alkaloid content, effects, pros and cons, and more. Whether you’re new to kratom or a seasoned vet, this in-depth look at Super Green will give you a true understanding of what makes it stand out. Let’s dive in!

Super Green Kratom Strain Origins

Unlike some kratom varieties linked to very specific areas, Super Green has somewhat mysterious origins. Many believe this strain originated as a hybrid in Indonesian kratom greenhouses. Growers likely selectively bred the tallest, most robust trees to create a “super” high-alkaloid strain. 

The lush conditions of protected greenhouses allow kratom trees to flourish, producing exceptionally alkaloid-rich leaves. These near-perfect harvesting environments are how “super” kratom strains like this are born!

Through cross-breeding trees with the ideal alkaloid profiles, kratom producers created the signature blend of effects that Super Green is now renowned for. While its exact origins are uncertain, we can thank Indonesian growers’ ingenious methods for this super-potent strain!

What Makes Super Green Kratom “Green”

You may be wondering if Super Green originated in a greenhouse, where does the “green” come from? 

Well, for kratom the color refers not to the leaf color, but rather to the vein color inside the leaf. Green vein kratom like Super Green contains a blend of stimulating and sedating alkaloids, providing a more moderate, balanced effect.

Red vein strains are sedative, while white vein are energizing. Super Green’s blend of mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and other alkaloids hits that sweet spot right in the middle with the effects of a red and white combined!

So while Super Green leaves themselves may not actually be green, the name comes from the unique alkaloid profile that mimics balanced green vein strains found in nature. Pretty cool right?

Where Does the Super Green Strain Grow?

As a likely greenhouse-born hybrid, Super Green isn’t linked to one specific region or farm. However, it is grown across Indonesia now to meet demand. 

The protected tropical environments of Indonesian greenhouses and plantations allow Super Green trees to thrive. Growers cultivate the strain across islands like Borneo, Sumatra, Sulawesi and beyond. 

Fun fact some report Super Green growing particularly well near Pontianak on the Borneo coast, where volcanic soil creates fertile conditions. The rich soil and humid climate produce exceptionally high alkaloid content in Super Green leaves.

While not region-specific, Super Green does require perfect greenhouse conditions to achieve its true potency potential. The expertise of Indonesian growers makes it the ideal location for this unique strain.

How Popular is Super Green?

While still considered a newer variety, Super Green kratom has quickly gained popularity for its well-rounded effects. In the kratom community, Super Green is often recommended for beginners due to its milder profile.

Yet its balanced blend of alkaloids also appeals to seasoned kratom users looking for the best of both stimulating and sedating properties in one. For consumers seeking both relief and motivation, Super Green hits that sweet spot.

As word has spread, demand has understandably risen among retailers and online kratom vendors. But specialized growing requirements limit supply, keeping Super Green more exclusive than common strains. However, discerning kratom users who try it quickly become hooked!

So in summary, Super Green is rapidly gaining mainstream popularity and impressing newcomers and connoisseurs alike. Don’t be surprised if you soon see Super Green among the most sought after strains.

What Alkaloids Does it Contain?

The unique alkaloid makeup is what sets Super Green apart. Through selective breeding, growers maximized levels of key active compounds:

Mitragynine: The primary psychoactive alkaloid responsible for analgesic and energizing effects. Super Green has very high mitragynine content, up to 2%.

7-hydroxymitragynine: This is a minor alkaloid, but more potent than mitragynine. It provides analgesic and anti-anxiety properties. Levels around 1.5% make Super Green very potent.

Speciogynine: An unusual alkaloid believed to provide smooth energy and mood enhancement. Thought to be highest in Super Green compared to other strains. 

Speciociliatine: Another rare alkaloid present. Little is known but it may boost euphoria and reduce anxiety. Unique to “super” kratom strains.

This combination of high mitragynine with other rare alkaloids is what gives Super Green such unique effects. It really is in a league of its own!

What Are the Benefits of Super Green Kratom?

The well-rounded alkaloid profile of Super Green offers a wide range of potential benefits:

Energy Boost: The high mitragynine provides a potent stimulant effect, especially at lower doses. Many compare it to a strong cup of coffee without the jitters. It’s clean focus and motivation.

Pain Relief: Mitragynine, and especially 7-OH, binds to opioid receptors providing notable analgesia equal to prescription medication for some. Lower back pain, muscle aches, arthritis, and migraines may be relieved. 

Mood Enhancement: Most experience an elevated mood and sense of contentment. Speciogynine contributes to reduced anxiety. Many note Super Green’s anti-depressant effects as well.

Relaxation: Higher doses bring on calming effects despite the energy boost. The blend allows you to relax while still maintaining focus, a rare combo! 

Opiate Withdrawal: By activating opioid receptors, Super Green can mitigate common opiate withdrawal symptoms like nausea, insomnia, and anxiety. It minimizes the crash.

For consumers seeking the convenience of mood-boosting, pain-killing, and energy enhancement wrapped into one, Super Green kratom is a worthy option to consider!

What Are the Effects of Super Green Kratom?

Super Green produces effects desired by a wide range of kratom users. Depending on the dose, you can tailor your experience:

Low 1-2g Dose Effects:

  • Mild stimulation and increased alertness 
  • Elevated energy and endurance for work or exercise
  • Enhanced focus and concentration for productive tasks
  • Improved sociability and talkativeness

Moderate 2-4g Dose Effects: 

  • Analgesic effects start kicking in pain relief without sedation
  • Euphoric mood lift and sense of contentment
  • Sustained energy and motivation with reduced fatigue 
  • Decreased anxiety and relief of mild depression

Higher 4-6g Dose Effects:

  • Potent pain killing for moderate to severe chronic pain
  • Strong sedative effect mixed with mental focus
  • Improved ability to rest and relax while still attentive
  • Anti-anxiety and opiate withdrawal alleviation

Everyone’s sweet spot dose varies. Start low and gradually increase until the balance you need is struck. Super Green’s versatility lets you customize your experience!

Pros And Cons 

Like any plant medicine, kratom carries some risks if used irresponsibly. Here are the main pros and cons I’ve noted with Super Green:


  1. Simultaneous pain relief and energy
  2. Elevated mood and reduced anxiety
  3. Natural plant medicine alternative 
  4. Lower addiction and side effect risks 
  5. Customizable for your needs


  1. Can develop tolerance if used daily
  2. Withdrawal is possible if discontinued after heavy regular use
  3. Mild side effects like nausea or dizziness at high doses
  4. Legality is a gray area check your local laws

As with any mind-altering substance, educated and mindful use is advised. But used wisely, the upsides of Super Green Kratom far outweigh the downsides in my experience!

Final Thoughts

I hope this comprehensive beginner’s guide has illuminated what makes Super Green Kratom such a unique and worthwhile botanical supplement. Personally, I’ve found Super Green unrivaled for delivering energizing pain relief. For both recreational use and as a natural alternative treatment, Super Green hits the spot.

Keep in mind strains can affect everyone differently based on body chemistry and tolerance. I encourage you to experiment responsibly with sample packs and find where in Super Green’s spectrum your sweet spot lies. When you discover the versatility of the effects it offers, you’ll understand why Super Green is becoming so popular.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this amazing kratom strain! I’m always happy to share more about its origins, growing regions, uses, and more. Here’s to many enlightening adventures with Super Green!

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Green Kratom

Q: Is Super Green legal?

Like all kratom in the US, Super Green exists in a legal gray area. Some states restrict or ban it, so be sure to look into your local laws before purchasing Super Green. It is legal in most places, but the laws are constantly shifting. Purchase mindfully.

Q: What’s the best way to take Super Green Kratom?

There are many effective preparation methods for Super Green. Many enjoy brewing it into tea or mixing the powder into juice or smoothies. Capsules are another easy option. I recommend starting with 2-3 grams and increasing your dose gradually as needed.

Q: How long do Super Green effects last?

On average, the effects of a moderate Super Green dose last around 4-6 hours. Lower doses give more short-lived energy, while higher amounts have longer-lasting pain relief. Effects come on within 30 minutes and gradually fade. Everyone metabolizes it differently based on factors like diet, activity, and more.

Q: Can Super Green be used for opiate withdrawal? 

Many have found Super Green helpful during opiate withdrawal due to its activation of opioid receptors. It can minimize symptoms like muscle aches, nausea, anxiety, and insomnia during detox. However, using kratom to get off opioids should be done cautiously under a doctor’s care due to addiction risks.

Q: What are the side effects of Super Green?

When used responsibly, side effects are mild. Nausea, headache, or dizziness can occur at very high doses. Constipation is also possible with frequent use. Make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. And do not combine with other substances. Start low with dosage to maintain a low kratom tolerance.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this unique strain!

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