Kratom Softgels: The Right Choice for You?

kratom softgels

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024 at 11:37 am

If you use kratom regularly, like me, you know there are many options for taking this beneficial botanical supplement. Capsules, powders, teas, and gummies—the choices can seem endless! One format some swear by is kratom softgels. But what exactly are softgels, and are they the right method for you?

In this detailed guide, we’ll unravel the world of kratom softgels, from their advantages to their downsides, proper use, and whether they are the optimal delivery format based on your needs. Let’s explore!

What Are Kratom Softgels?

Kratom softgels are supple, easy-to-swallow capsules that contain powdered kratom leaf or liquid extracts. The powder or oil is encased in a soft, gelatin-based shell.  Softgels provide an alternative to standard kratom capsules.

The biggest difference is the outer coating. Rather than a hard vegetable-cellulose capsule, softgels use gelatin for a more flexible, sturdy, and rapidly dissolving casing. Within each softgel is a premeasured amount of dry kratom powder, a viscous liquid extract, or a mix of dry and liquid forms.

This allows exact doses of the alkaloids to be quickly and easily consumed. Reputable kratom vendors offer softgels containing popular strains like Maeng Da or Bali. You simply swallow them with water for convenient, mess-free kratom supplementation.

The Benefits of Kratom Softgels

Kratom softgels provide several advantages that make them appealing:

1. Neutral Taste

The thick gelatin coating completely masks the bitter taste of kratom powder. No more choking down dry mouthfuls! Softgels easily slide down with no unpleasant flavor. This is a major perk for many.

2. Pre-Measured Dosage 

Experienced kratom users know finding your ideal dose is key. Softgels contain a precise pre-set amount of powder or extract, perfect for accurately measuring your optimal dosage. No guesswork required.

3. Discreet Dosing

Softgels allow for discreet, convenient dosing anytime and anywhere. Keep a few in your pocket or bag and quickly swallow with water when needed without drawing attention. Their portability makes on-the-go use a breeze. For those who dislike the taste and difficulty of measuring bulk kratom powder, softgels provide an easy, flavorless, pre-dosed alternative. The benefits are clear!

Advantages of 45% Kratom Softgel Capsules

An innovation in recent years has been 45% kratom softgels. The “45%” refers to the concentrated Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) extract contained within the softgel, which is far higher than standard capsules. This allows for smaller capsules to achieve the desired results. Typical doses are just 1-2 softgels, versus several standard capsules. 

Benefits of 45% concentrated softgels include:

  • Smaller size that is easy to swallow 
  • Faster onset of effects
  • Lower quantities needed for effects
  • Avoid stomach discomfort from numerous pills
  • Higher potency from refined extract

For those who are seasoned kratom users or seek stronger effects, 45% softgels are an ideal choice. Just be mindful of your individual tolerance and adjust dosage accordingly. Start low!

Why Choose Hypno Kratom Softgel Capsules?

If considering purchasing kratom softgel capsules, the brand Hypno Kratom stands out as a reputable supplier to potentially choose. Hypno Kratom employs rigorous lab testing on every batch to verify purity and ensure accurate potency. They transparently provide the full third-party lab analysis for every product on their website, showing they have nothing to hide. Their kratom is sourced from fair trade growers in Indonesia to procure premium quality raw materials.

Customers frequently praise their excellent customer service and support. Hypno offers a range of softgel products from Maeng Da to enhanced blends to suit differing needs. Importantly, their products are tested free of contaminants like heavy metals and salmonella that can be concerns with some low-quality kratom.

When selecting any kratom product, fully vetting the vendor and their sourcing, testing, and handling practices is crucial. Hypno Kratom distinguishes themselves in these areas as a supplier that takes quality seriously. For those seeking a reliable source of lab-tested kratom softgels, Hypno Kratom is likely a solid option to consider.

The Downsides of Kratom Softgels

While softgels offer many upsides, there are a few potential drawbacks to note:

  • Slightly delayed effects: Absorption may take 30-45 minutes rather than 15-30 with raw powder for some. 
  • Not customizable: Preset doses limit ability to finely adjust your perfect dosage. 
  • Sensitivity: The gelatin may not be suitable for those with strict dietary or religious restrictions. 
  • Added cost: Softgels tend to cost more than powder since convenience comes at a price. 

Still, for most needing easy masking of kratom’s taste and mess-free pre-measured doses, the benefits seem to outweigh any downsides of softgels.

DIY Kratom Softgels

While buying premade softgels is easiest, some kratom users opt to make their own. This allows complete control over strain, dose, and ingredients.  Here’s a quick overview of the DIY softgel process:

  • Select high quality kratom powder of your desired strain
  • Accurately measure powder doses with a scale 
  • Mix powder with liquid like water or oil to form thick paste
  • Purchase empty gelatin or vegetarian softgel shells and filling tray
  • Fill each half of shell with paste, close, and seal in tray 
  • Leave shells to dry and solidify fully overnight
  • Transfer finished softgels to a sealed container for storage

With some practice, you can master DIY softgel making. But purchasing premade capsules avoids the hassle and margin of error from home preparation.

Pros and Cons of Kratom Softgels


  • Neutral taste and smell
  • Efficient absorption
  • Exact measured doses
  • Easy to carry and take discreetly 
  • Avoid mess of powder


  • Slightly delayed onset
  • Preset doses limit customization 
  • Gelatin excludes some people
  • More expensive than raw powder
  • Can melt if stored improperly

Overall, softgels offer excellent convenience and dosage precision. But raw kratom powder retains the versatility of loose leaf. Consider which factors are most important for your needs.

Final Thoughts

In closing, kratom softgels can offer an advantageous alternative to raw powders for those seeking convenience, portability, precise dosing, and taste masking when using kratom. However, they may not be ideal for everyone due to the slight delay in onset, lack of versatility, added cost, and ingredients like gelatin.

Overall, softgels are a useful innovation, but factors like your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle should determine. Whether their benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks in your particular situation. If the pros call to you, reputable brands like Hypno Kratom provide high-quality, lab-tested softgels worth exploring under careful supervision. With smart usage, softgels can unlock the full advantages of kratom in an easy, discreet format for many users.


Are softgels better than powder?

Whether softgels are “better” depends on your needs. Softgels offer convenience, discreet portability and precise doses. But kratom powder provides versatility for customized mixing and dosing. It’s a matter of personal preference.

How long do kratom softgel effects last?

On average, softgel effects last 4-6 hours. Factors like your metabolism, stomach contents, and softgel potency impact duration. Softgels may have a slightly delayed onset but provide long-lasting, stable results once absorbed.

What is the best softgel kratom strain?

Popular kratom strains for softgels include Red Bali for relaxation, Green Maeng Da for energy and pain relief, and White Borneo for focus and euphoria. But effects vary by person, so experiment to find what works best for you. Start low with the dosage.

Can you take too many kratom softgels?

Yes, taking too many softgels can lead to side effects like nausea, dizziness, or drowsiness. Start with the lowest recommended dose and increase slowly only as needed. Never exceed 10 softgels in a 24-hour period, as overdosing carries risks. Moderation is key.

How should I store soft gels?

Keep softgels in their original bottle away from moisture, heat, and sunlight to maintain freshness. Avoid storing them in humid environments like a bathroom or kitchen. A cool, dark place like a bedroom cabinet is ideal for preserving potency.

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