You finally got your hands on some kratom after hearing rave reviews about its benefits. But after eagerly ingesting your first dose, you find yourself disappointed that… kratom did nothing for you.

None of the promised effects materialized. Before giving up on kratom entirely, know that several simple strategies exist to finally make kratom work its magic. By adjusting dosage, switching strains, and changing ingestion methods, that elusive sweet spot can be found.

Let’s explore some troubleshooting tips to make kratom as life-changing for you as it has been for so many others.

Can You Overcome Not Feeling the Effect of Kratom?

It’s not unusual when first starting out with kratom to be underwhelmed by subtle, barely noticeable effects. Kratom is highly dose-dependent, with stimulation and mood enhancement occurring at low doses and pain relief plus sedation only at higher doses.

Additionally, kratom can take time to learn how to use it properly. But with the right adjustments, robust benefits await:

(1) Take a Higher Dose of Kratom

Many kratom newcomers fail to use a sufficiently high dose, especially when seeking pain relief. A threshold dose can be as high as 4-5 grams. Consider ramping up your dosage in 1-gram increments until the ideal effects emerge.

For reference, mild effects occur from 3-5 grams, moderate from 5-8 grams, and strong from 8-15 grams. Be patient and inch the dose up slowly. Also, wait at least 45 minutes between adding grams to allow the previous dose to take effect.

(2) Choose Another Strain of Kratom

With dozens of strains available like Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, Hulu Kapuas, etc., results can vary dramatically. Consider switching from a fast white/green vein to a slow red vein, or vice versa.

Even within vein types, explore alternatives like Red Borneo instead of Red Maeng Da. Sample different strains until you find the one(s) that deliver. Buying a variety pack allows testing a wide selection. 

(3) Take Kratom in a Different Way

The method of ingestion influences effects too. If swallowing powder capsules does nothing, try tossing and washing instead. Or go from the toss and wash to tea. Rotating methods keep the plant ingredients from building tolerance. Also consider potentiators like citrus, turmeric, and black pepper to enhance absorption.

By adjusting dose, strain, and method, a previously ineffective kratom experience can transform into something beneficial. Be patient, experiment intelligently, take detailed notes, and results will come.

“Kratom Did Nothing for Me”, So Let’s Change That!

Beyond those core strategies, a holistic approach helps unlock kratom’s benefits if you initially feel nothing. Here are some additional tips:

Pay Attention to Diet

Eating a large meal before kratom can delay and dampen effects. Try dosing on an empty stomach instead. If nausea results, mix powder into a smoothie or yogurt to ease stomach upset. Stay well hydrated too.

Avoid Other Substances 

Combining kratom with alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs makes its effects unpredictable. Eliminate other substances to isolate kratom’s effects. Prescription drugs can also mute kratom’s impact.

Take Regular Breaks

Frequent daily kratom use quickly builds tolerance, making effects feel weak. Schedule regular off days along with as-needed days to keep tolerance low

Purchase Lab-Tested Kratom 

Low-quality or old kratom lacks potency. Seek out vendors that lab test for identity and alkaloid purity. This ensures the product is high quality.

Give It Time

Impatience can ruin the experience. Allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for effects to manifest. Sometimes they creep up slowly in waves. Don’t redo it too soon.

Try Extracts 

Advanced users needing ultimate potency can try a concentrated kratom extract. With up to 50X the alkaloid content, extracts work for those with high tolerance.

Keep an Open Mind

Overhyped expectations can create disappointment. Instead of forcing stimulation or pain relief, accept more subtle benefits like reduced anxiety or improved well-being.

With strategic tweaking, rethinking assumptions, and experience, a previously lackluster kratom encounter can transform into something much more magical. Kratom lacks instant gratification, but applied wisdom and patience are rewarded.


If your first kratom experience left you underwhelmed, don’t give up. Adjust dosage, strain, and method methodically. Control diet, enhance absorption, take breaks to lower tolerance, purchase high-quality products, give effects time to unfold, try advanced preparations, and keep an open mind.

Applying these troubleshooting tips allows kratom’s full benefits to shine through. While many assume kratom either works or doesn’t for someone, often it just takes some leveling up of one’s approach to harness kratom’s powers effectively. With smarts and persistence, a dud first attempt can become a rewarding ritual.

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