Kratom As A Pre-Workout Supplement – Reasons to Use Kratom As a Pre-Workout Supplement

Last updated on December 18th, 2023 at 10:38 am

There’s been a surge in the popularity of pre-workout supplements, all claiming to supercharge performance. These potions typically throw in a mix of ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, nitric oxide boosters, and amino acids. The idea? Amp up exercise capacity, endurance, focus, blood flow, and protein synthesis, especially when downed right before hitting the gym.

Now, enter the scene: Kratom. In the midst of established supplements, Kratom has stepped into the ring. This article is all about Kratom’s gig as a pre-workout supplement, sifting through the real talk and debunking the hype to get the lowdown on whether it’s a game-changer or just another myth in the fitness world.

While some people report positive gains in the gym when taking standard pre-workout formulas, negative side effects do occur. Jitters, energy crashes, headaches, nausea, and habit-forming risks from stimulant overuse make them less than ideal for everyday use. This has spawned interest in exploring natural pre-workout alternatives without downsides, which is where kratom enters the conversation.

Should You Take Pre-Workout Every Day?

With the rising popularity of intense fitness regimens like CrossFit and HIT training, it’s common to ponder supplementing daily workouts with performance enhancers. Yet most experts recommend cycling intense pre-workout supplements or limiting intake to 3–4 times per week at most. Here’s why:

Caffeine Habituation: Consuming over 300mg of caffeine daily causes tolerance, where regular intake no longer provides a boost. This also taxes the adrenal glands long-term. 

Negative Cardiovascular Effects: Too much synthetic caffeine, niacin, or beta-alanine strains the heart for those with pre-existing conditions. This increases safety risks over time.

Sleep Disruption: Taking pre-workouts with high caffeine or stimulants too close to bed makes falling asleep difficult due to their lingering effects. Lack of sleep hampers workout recovery and fuels fatigue. Instead, explore natural pre-workout alternatives you can use more regularly, like beet juice powders, adaptogens, nitrate-rich leafy greens, citrulline, or kratom, without the same addiction and tolerance pitfalls.

10 Reasons to Use Kratom As a Pre-Workout Supplement

With kratom’s unique stimulant yet opioid-like properties, it makes sense why some people are utilizing it in place of or in addition to conventional workout boosters. Here are 10 science-backed benefits:

1)No Energy Crash

A major drawback of powerful yet synthetic pre-workouts is the inevitable energy crash that soon follows their peak once ingredients like caffeine wear off. This leaves exercisers feeling drained post-workout rather than energized. Kratom avoids this energy roller coaster thanks to the unique active alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine that stimulate certain opioid receptors for several hours. Kratom users experience sustained energy, alertness, and concentration without an abrupt comedown. This clean lift can make workouts feel great.

2) Kratom is Natural

In an era where many bodybuilders and extreme athletes turn to illicit drugs and hardcore synthetics seeking ripped physiques or performance gains at any cost, kratom offers a natural and far safer alternative. Indigenous cultures have consumed Mitragyna speciosa leaves for centuries to enhance work capacity and as part of medical systems. 

Today, the majority of kratom harvesting still occurs by hand on small farms, primarily in Indonesia and Thailand, following generations-old sustainable practices. Conscientious consumers can seek out American-grown suppliers for the highest-quality organic leaf sourcing. The natural approach provides results without risky chemicals.

3)Kratom is Unmonitored

Currently, kratom exists in a regulatory grey area within the United States where it is widely available yet not federally regulated like commercial supplements. The FDA has raised concerns about kratom abuse liability and potential contamination risks from unknown overseas sources. However, there have been no serious incidents confirming public health risks that would warrant an outright ban at this time. 

This gives athletes desiring a competitive edge and significant freedom to experiment with kratom cycles without worrying about infringing on anti-doping policies enforced by bodies like the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the International Olympic Committee (IOC), or major sports leagues. It allows users to push boundaries legally as a pre-, intra-, or post-workout booster for amateur purposes while waiting to see whether regulation transpires.

4)Kratom Provides Pain Relief

Any seasoned athlete knows intense workouts often leave muscles and joints aching for hours or days afterward, which can limit flexibility, mobility, and motivation to return to the gym. Powerful prescription opioids treat this post-workout pain effectively but carry addiction and tolerance concerns. As a natural alternative, kratom offers comparable analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that, according to first-hand user reports, can make soreness virtually disappear within minutes of dosing.

 By binding to some of the same opioid receptors without risky side effects or legal restrictions, kratom lets fitness enthusiasts train harder while alleviating the nagging pains that might otherwise compel them to skip workouts. These pain-free periods can promote faster PR progression.

5)Kratom Increases Energy

One of kratom’s most noted effects is clean stimulation lasting several hours, reminiscent of a strong cup of coffee without jitters, heart palpitations, or eventual sleep disruption. Users call this a smooth “push” of energy that increases blood flow and oxygenation, like a robust pre-workout might for amplifying gym capacity. 

Kratom further activates the sympathetic nervous system to enhance concentration, motivation, and mental drive to power through high-intensity interval training or that extra mile undeterred by creeping fatigue. Think of it as a natural alternative to questionable synthetic stimulants like DMAA without the addiction risk.

6)Kratom Might Reduce Inflammation

Post-workout inflammation is an inevitable nuisance for even seasoned athletic veterans. Too much causes noticeable swelling and soreness of joints and ligaments that can sideline fitness buffs for multiple days, interfering with consistency and gains. 

While further study is still needed, early cell studies report that kratom’s abundant alkaloids mitigate pro-inflammatory biomarkers that trigger swelling and pain. This research suggests kratom supplementation pre- or post-workout could suppress excessive inflammation, allowing athletes to bounce back quicker.

7)Kratom Can Improve Your Mood

Working out naturally releases feel-good endorphins that enhance mood while relieving stress. Now, emerging evidence suggests kratom can mimic and prolong this desirable post-exercise euphoric high, which bodybuilders often describe as “pumps” or “vascularity.” 

By interacting with adrenergic and dopaminergic signaling systems, kratom amplifies confidence, optimism, and motivation—ideal mental perks—before attacking the weights again. The mood lift can inspire users to stick with intense training regimens when the usual fatigue or discouragement might otherwise threaten dedication.

8)Kratom Might Relieve Muscle Pain & Tension

Fitness experts advise appropriate rest to avoid workout burnout or overtraining that can actually reverse progress. Yet the accelerated delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that leaves exercisers nearly immobilized the day after intensive lifting or competition poses an equally stubborn barrier. 

This severe muscular tension sometimes compels athletes to continue training right through the pain, which exacerbates injury and impedes optimal muscle repair. Early evidence implies kratom relieves these symptoms enough to stick to smart rest schedules without the anguish of sitting still in debilitating discomfort for days during critical recuperation periods.

9)Kratom Helps Improve Sleep

Muscle repair and hormonal balance necessary for fitness gains predominantly occur during deep REM sleep cycles at night. Unfortunately, many traditional and even natural pre-workout supplements contain lingering stimulants that can interrupt this restorative rest even if taken many hours earlier. 

However, kratom again provides unique advantages by both energizing users when taken at lower doses and facilitating relaxation and sleep when taken at higher doses. Rotating through these bio-hack cycles in sync with workout splits helps fitness participants reap the full benefits of performance gains and adequate recovery.

10)Kratom Can Support Weight Loss

As every competitive athlete knows, losing even a single pound before a slim-margin performance event can decide the difference between going home with a medal and heartbreak. This inspires many to try risky short-term diuretics, stimulants, and fat burners to achieve ripped definitions well below sustainable body fat percentages at any cost. 

Meanwhile, kratom offers a safer weight-loss aid. Mild appetite suppression curbs calorie intake while the conversion of white adipose fat tissues to lean muscle oxygenates the blood, optimizing human power-to-weight ratios. When paired with clean cardio interval training, kratom cycles accelerate shedding those final few pounds before fierce competition when every ounce counts.

Key Takeaways on Kratom Pre-Workout Benefits & Considerations

For amateur fitness enthusiasts and extreme competitors alike looking for an additional workout boost without illegal or dangerous chemical assistance, emerging anecdotal and clinical evidence spotlights kratom’s potential as a pre- and post-exercise supplement for amplifying performance, motivation, and recovery capacity without the significant downsides of traditional products.

 By binding to opioid receptors in the brain, kratom seems to enhance energy, pain relief, focus, confidence, sleep, and more—all welcome perks of training regimens. Before incorporating kratom alongside your existing stack, carefully consider ideal strain potency, cycle length, dependency risks, and sourcing, given the current lack of regulation. Prescription drug interactions may also need evaluation. 

Start slowly with pure raw powder from vetted suppliers, assessing how low doses make you feel during workouts and afterward at home. Allow kratom’s effects to inform your unique biology and goals. By approaching this promising yet largely unstudied botanical with self-education and wisdom for responsible enhancement rather than reckless abuse, kratom offers realistic advantages to take your fitness peaks higher.

Best Kratom Strains for Pre-Workout

If you’re curious about harnessing kratom’s energy and performance benefits for your fitness routines, premium strains like White Vein Bali, Green Malay, and Maeng Da make excellent pre-workout choices. Here’s a quick guide to their distinct advantages:

White Vein Kratom

Known for long-lasting clean focus and concentration, white strains like White Vein Bali provide a smooth energy push without jitteriness. Their high mitragynine content drives mental stamina, helping you power through high-intensity interval training from start to finish. White kratom is a top pick if you dislike the side effects of mainstream pre-workouts.

Green Vein Kratom

Energizing yet calming, green veins like Green Malay combine white’s stimulation with red’s pain relief. Take Green Malay 30-45 minutes before the gym to harness physical endurance, improve muscle oxygenation, and decrease aches and pains during your session. The balanced blend also eases comedowns.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da satisfies with a fast-acting mood and motivation surge that capitalizes on heavy lifting days when you feel like skipping the gym. Maeng Da kratom’s high alkaloid content provides clear-headed confidence and the duration to turn exhaustion into personal records. It shines when you need tenacity over finesse.

Best Way to Take Kratom for Pre-Workout

From mixing smoothies to easy toss and wash methods, kratom offers flexibility for customized pre-workout rituals.

Toss and Wash: Simply measure out your desired kratom dose into water, swish, and gulp. Chase it with more water to remove any bitter aftertaste. Easy and fast. 

Kratom Smoothie: Blend kratom extract or powder into your pre-workout fruit smoothie ingredients like bananas, pineapple, turmeric, protein powder, etc. The sweetness masks the bitterness. 

Capsules: Packing kratom into empty veggies or gel capsules avoids taste and texture issues entirely. Dosing stays consistent and portable. Swallow with water before leaving for the gym.

5 KeyThings to Keep in Mind When Using Kratom as a Pre-Workout:

  1. Start with Low Doses

When first using kratom for energy and focus, begin with just 1-2 grams. This lighter dose allows you to assess effects and sensitivity before increasing amounts. Taking too much kratom initially can cause lethargy instead of stimulation. Build up slowly to find your minimal effective dose.

2. Stay Hydrated

Staying well hydrated is key when taking any supplement along with exercise. Kratom can be dehydrating, so dramatically ramp up water intake when using it to avoid overheating or cramping during intense sessions. Herbal teas are nice compliments.

3. Avoid Daily Use

Because kratom binds to opioid receptors, dependency can occur with regular, high-dose use. Avoid building tolerance to its effects by limiting pre-workout cycles to a few times a week and cycling different strains. Take breaks to preserve efficacy.

4. Boost with Natural Potentiators

Some natural supplements, like turmeric, grapefruit juice, and cayenne, can boost kratom’s absorption and extend its pain-relieving effects. Adding these potentiators to your pre-workout smoothie or capsules enhances benefits.

5. Listen to Your Body

Pay close attention to how you feel during workouts and the next day using kratom compared to your baseline fitness abilities. Let your body’s signals guide ideal timing, cycling, and dosing rather than pushing unsafe levels. The key with kratom is starting low & slow while staying receptive to your body’s intricate feedback. This allows you to tailor it to safely and effectively enhance energy, motivation, and recovery capacity.

Finding Quality Kratom Vendors Online

Kratom is becoming more widely available at local shops like head shops, convenience stores, and wellness boutiques. However, I’ve found the best purchasing experiences from trusted online kratom vendors, such as HypnoKratom. They offer far more strain variety while importing fresh harvests directly from growers rather than suspicious third parties.

This ensures consistently pure quality and reasonable prices, too. I’m careful to only order from reputable online companies that follow the safety best practices outlined by the American Kratom Association guidelines on product testing, facility conditions, consumer education, and batch traceability. Sourcing kratom online directly from conscientious growers ultimately provides the highest quality powder and leaf products to consumers while supporting fair agricultural communities. It’s a win-win. 

The vendors listed below exemplify these standards, giving buyers seamless access to premium Noble and Evergreen tree kratom that’s always natural, safely lab-tested, and ethically harvested. Their expertise and customer care make every order pleasant, so you can enjoy the many wellness benefits of this healing plant from Southeast Asia. Here is an updated comparison chart with the vendor:

Quality FactorHypnokratomKrabotSuper SpeciosaPhytoextractum
Product PurityLab-tested for contaminants with detailed reports published onlineUnknown testingLimited testingNo testing shown
Strain VarietyExtensive variety, including rare strainsDecent varietySmaller selectionVery limited strains
Price Per OunceAs low as $4 per ounce for premium powder$8–$10 per ounce$10-$12 per ounce$12+ per ounce
Shipping SpeedEmail-only5-day delivery7-day delivery7+ days
Returns Allowed30-day money-back guarantee with free returnsNo returns14-days with conditionsExchanges only
Harvesting PracticesFair trade direct from Indonesia & ethical working conditionsUnknownUnknownUnknown
Membership PerksRewards program with free samples, discounts, and point accrualNoneOccasional salesNone
Customer ServiceA responsive team with phone, chat, and email is available six days a weekEmail-onlyEmail lacks responsivenessEmail only

In comparing the top vendors, Hypnokratom continues to lead with their transparency around product purity testing, ethical sourcing, pricing and shipping speed advantages, and vastly superior customer service and ordering experience for buyers through initiatives like their rewards program, satisfaction guarantees, and support availability. When it comes to excellence in kratom retailing, they are ahead of competitors.


In conclusion, kratom offers a promising natural alternative to synthetic performance enhancers for boosting gym motivation, stamina, and recovery without significant downsides. Start slowly with high-quality powder from a reputable vendor to assess your individual reactions. Allow your body’s feedback to determine optimal timing, cycling frequency, and ideal strains and doses to meet your fitness objectives. 

Used responsibly by listening to your body’s intricate biofeedback, kratom can enhance strength gains, reduce inflammation and post-workout muscle soreness, improve sleep quality, and elevate mood. Avoid daily usage to minimize dependency risks. Approach kratom as you would any supplement—an adjunct to vitals like nutrition, hydration, and rest rather than a cure-all replacement. Respect this botanical ally, and it may just take your athletic abilities to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is kratom safe to use every day as a pre-workout?

No, limit kratom cycles to 3–4 times per week maximum to avoid building tolerance or dependence.

Q: What is the best kratom dose to take before exercising?

Start with just 1-3 grams pre-workout, increasing slowly only as needed. Less is more with kratom.

Q: How long before my workout should I take kratom?

Take capsules of kratom tea approx. 30-45 mins prior to allow full absorption and onset of effects before hitting the gym.

Q: Can kratom improve athletic performance long-term?

Anecdotally, yes, by reducing pain, fatigue, and overtraining effects, but more research is still needed on precise fitness applications

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