Kratom and the Versatility of Oblate Discs

Oblate Discs

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024 at 10:22 am

As a kratom enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for ways to optimize and enhance my experience with this botanical. Recently, I discovered oblate discs and got curious. What exactly are these things, and can they improve my kratom routine?

After doing some research and personal experimenting, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about using oblate discs with kratom.

What Is An Oblate Disc?

In this delightful journey, we’ll explore the various forms of this unique product, such as oblate discs, pouches, and squares. Picture them as versatile superheroes in the culinary realm, particularly in candy-making, cooking, and even as a handy wrapper for powdered medicine doses.

An oblate disc is a thin, circular film that you swallow to ingest powdered supplements or medications. Many kratom users have adopted oblate discs as an easy way to take their kratom dose without tasting any of the powder.

Oblate discs are typically made from natural starches like rice, wheat, or potato. Some are flavored, but the plain, unflavored ones work best for kratom. The thin, melt-away films wrap around your kratom powder, creating a little package that slides down the hatch. No mess, no fuss!

What Are The Oblate Discs Made Up Of?

The most common ingredients used to make oblate discs are various edible starches, along with food-grade flavorings or colorings in some cases. Rice starch, wheat starch, and soluble potato starch act as the main ingredients that form that thin film consistency when water is added.

Some additional binders or stabilizers may be present, such as guar gum or xanthan gum. These help the discs maintain integrity in water. I always opt for plain, unflavored oblate discs to avoid any tricky flavor interactions with my precious kratom.

Knowing the simple, natural ingredients puts me at ease when using them frequently. After testing oblate discs with my normal kratom routine, I’m sold on these handy little helpers that make my doses smoother and more pleasant.

Preparing my kratom in advance inside the thin films allows me to avoid any mess or taste. Just a nice, easy swallow! While not necessary, oblate discs can optimize and improve the kratom experience, in my opinion. Give them a try and see if you enjoy this method too.

How Oblate Discs Are Used 

The process of using oblate discs is straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here are the steps I follow:

First, I measure out my desired dose of kratom powder as usual, using a scale for accuracy.  Next, I place my kratom into the center of the oblate disc and gather the edges together to seal the powder inside. Then I take a small sip of water, pop the kratom pouch into my mouth, and swallow it down.

The disc keeps all the powder contained. Finally, I’ll drink some more water or juice to help everything settle smoothly. It takes a little practice to get the wrapping motion down, but now it’s seamless for me. Oblate discs have made my kratom routine cleanup-free and pleasant!

Why Should I Use Oblate Discs For Kratom?

Curious why oblate discs have become a go-to option for many Kratom enthusiasts? Let’s dive deeper into the reasons behind their growing popularity.

One of the primary perks of using oblate discs for Kratom is their incredible portability. Unlike bulky alternatives like capsules or the toss-and-wash method, these discs are lightweight and easily transportable. Whether you’re on the move or planning a trip, you can conveniently carry these discs with you, making them a hassle-free option for Kratom consumption.

Moreover, apart from their portability, oblate discs prove to be cost-effective. They not only offer a convenient way to consume Kratom but also help in toning down the sometimes intense taste of this botanical substance. For those who struggle with the strong flavor, these discs serve as a comfortable solution.

Another notable advantage of oblate discs lies in their thinness. Once Kratom powder is wrapped within these thin discs and swallowed, they swiftly break down, allowing for rapid absorption. This speedy absorption leads to a quicker onset of the Speciosa’s effects, providing a more immediate influence.

Interestingly, as these discs gradually dissolve in the stomach, they contribute to a sustained release of Kratom’s effects, ensuring a longer-lasting experience. Manufacturers maintain a specific thickness for these discs to ensure consistent and desired outcomes.

However, it’s worth noting that, despite their benefits, oblate discs might not be readily available in today’s market. Their scarcity among sellers might pose a challenge for many avid Kratom users seeking this specific method.

On a practical note, using oblate discs may require a bit of practice to master the technique effectively. Some individuals find it initially challenging to consume Kratom using this method. But with a little practice and patience, mastering the art of using oblate discs becomes easier, offering a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy your preferred Kratom strains.

Oblate Disc vs Toss And Wash

In the realm of consuming kratom, there’s a notable difference between the traditional “toss and wash” method and the more user-friendly alternative, oblate discs. The classic approach involves swallowing dry clumps of kratom, leading to an inevitable bitter taste. It’s a struggle that many have faced, making the process less than enjoyable.

Enter oblate discs, offering a welcome departure from the bitterness of the traditional method. These thin, edible films fully contain the kratom, creating a barrier that shields your taste buds from the unpleasant bitterness. The result? It was a much smoother and more pleasant experience. With oblate discs, there’s no need to endure the lingering taste or resort to forceful gulps of drinks to wash it down.

The appeal of oblate discs lies in their ability to transform the kratom consumption experience. By eliminating the bitter taste, these discs provide a quick and easy way to swallow kratom without the discomfort associated with the traditional “toss and wash” method. Imagine a seamless process where you can enjoy the benefits of kratom without the bitter aftertaste, making oblate discs a favored choice for those seeking a more palatable journey in the world of kratom consumption.

Oblate Disc vs Kratom Capsules

Back in the day, I turned to capsules as my go-to solution to dodge the not-so-pleasant taste of kratom. However, the convenience I sought was overshadowed by the hassle and cost they brought.

Dealing with filling and toting around those pills became a bit tiresome, not to mention the waiting game for the effects to kick in. That’s when I stumbled upon oblate discs, and it was a game-changer.

Oblate discs turned out to be a simpler and more economical alternative. No more fussing with capsules—just a quick wrap, a swallow, and I’m good to go. Not only is it a faster method, but it also feels cleaner and is lighter on the wallet.

The days of dealing with the drawbacks of capsules are behind me, thanks to the ease and efficiency of oblate discs in making my kratom consumption faster, smoother, and more budget-friendly.

My Favorite Oblate Disc Folding Techniques

As an oblate disc pro, I’ve honed my kratom wrapping skills using different folding methods. Two of my go-to techniques are the classic burrito fold and the teardrop twist.

Do the Burrito Fold

The burrito fold is my only reliable way to seal kratom powder into an oblate disc pouch. Just like wrapping a burrito, I place the kratom in the center and fold up the sides around it. I put the disc flat, sprinkled on my kratom dose, and then folded up the edge closest to me over the powder.

Next, I fold the left and right sides in before rolling it up into a neat little bundle.  Pressing the seams together and licking the edge seals in the contents so no powder can escape. The finished burrito-shaped packet goes down smoothly!

The Teardrop Twist

When I want to change things up, I’ll use the teardrop twist method. For this, I smear the kratom into a thin column in the center of the laid-out disc.  Once the powder is in a line, I fold the disc over into a pouch shape and pinch one end closed.

Holding it tight, I twist the teardrop pouch a few times to seal the kratom inside. The twisting motion nicely spreads and contains the powder. And the teardrop shape helps it slide down my gullet with ease! I have fun alternating wrapping techniques to keep things interesting.

But the key is ensuring a tight seal so the kratom stays inside. With practice, you’ll be an oblate disc origami master in no time! Let me know if you have any other folding tricks.

Oblate Discs and Kratom – The Pros and Cons in My Experience

Using oblate discs with kratom has its advantages and some points to consider. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve experienced:


  • Masks Flavor
  • Easier Dosing
  • Mess-Free
  • Portable
  • Versatile


  • Learning Curve
  • Can Tear
  • Added Cost
  • Slower Onset
  • Not for Large Doses

In my experience, oblate discs have added a layer of convenience to my kratom routine when used thoughtfully. They’ve become my go-to for a mess-free, precise, and portable way to consume kratom, but it’s worth considering the learning curve and added cost.

The Final Words

In the end, my goal here was to shed some light on oblate discs and how they can improve the kratom experience. As someone who uses this beneficial plant medicine regularly, I’m always seeking ways to optimize my routine. Oblate discs have proven to be a simple yet effective tool for taking kratom without any mess or taste.

After testing out different folding techniques, they’ve become an indispensable part of my daily regimen. No more choking down dry powder or kratom capsules! I hope these personal insights give you a better understanding of oblate discs and how they work. My advice is to grab some empty discs and practice your wrapping skills.

Once you get it down, they make taking kratom so much more pleasant. If you have any other questions about discs or anything covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always happy to nerd out about this botanical I’m so passionate about and help fellow kratom enthusiasts in any way I can. Besides, you can always check our website to buy kratom and other products.


Is kratom safe?

Like most natural plants, kratom is generally safe when used responsibly. I find it’s always wise to start slow, go slow, and pay attention to your body’s reactions. Stay hydrated, don’t mix with other substances, and consult a doctor with any concerns. Moderation is key.

What does kratom feel like?

For me, kratom provides a pleasant sense of both relaxation and focused energy; it’s balanced and mild. At small doses, I just feel my regular mood uplifted. Larger doses bring on more of a euphoric, cloudy feeling. The warmth and tingling sensations are comforting.

How long do kratom effects last? 

On average, I get about 3–5 hours of noticeable effects from a moderate kratom dose. It depends on factors like your metabolism and stomach contents. An empty stomach makes kratom kick in faster and stronger, but for a shorter time. A full stomach delays and prolongs the effects.

Is kratom addictive?

There is some habit-forming potential with daily, heavy kratom use. But as long as you’re smart about dosage frequency and take regular breaks, developing an actual addiction is unlikely. I haven’t experienced cravings or withdrawal outside of some slight restlessness. Moderation and honesty with yourself is key here.

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