How To Toss and Wash Kratom

Kratom by Tossing and Washing

Toss and wash is a quick, simple way to take kratom powder, but it does take some practice. Here’s how I do it to avoid the dreaded kratom burps!

What Is The Toss And Wash Kratom Method?

The “toss and wash” method is a technique for consuming kratom powder directly by mouth. It involves first measuring out the desired dosage of kratom powder. Next, a large swig of water, fruit juice, milk, or other liquid is taken into the mouth and held there.

The head is tipped back and the pre-measured kratom powder is quickly poured from a spoon into the mouth on top of the liquid. The powder should land fully into the liquid already in the mouth.

The kratom-liquid mixture is then vigorously swished around the mouth to fully encapsulate all the powder before swallowing it all in one big gulp. It is crucial to use enough liquid to completely coat the powder to avoid any becoming stuck in the mouth or throat when swallowing.

The toss and wash method, as well as how to make kratom tea using kratom powder, is finished by chasing the powder down with more liquid to ensure it goes down smoothly. When done properly, this provides a fast, convenient way to ingest powdered kratom without the mess and time of brewing teas or blending smoothies.

Choose Your Wash Beverage 

I prefer using thick, creamy drinks like milk or protein shakes to toss and wash instead of water. The texture coats the kratom powder better. Juices like orange or grapefruit also help mask the bitter taste. Just avoid carbonated drinks – they cause even more burps!

Start with a level teaspoon of powder and work your way up to find your ideal dose. Have your drink ready to go so you can wash it all down quickly. It takes some practice but toss and wash can become a fast, effective kratom intake method once you get the hang of it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Mastering the Toss and Wash Kratom Method 

Toss and wash is a simple yet effective way to take kratom powder. But there are some tips that make the process smoother.

Have Your Beverage Ready

Before starting, I make sure to have my drink ready to go. Whether it’s milk, juice, or protein shake, having it within reach avoids fumbling around once the kratom is in your mouth. I portion my drink into a tall glass for easy sipping.

Measure Out Your Kratom Dose

I always measure my kratom dose precisely using a scale. Estimating can lead to taking too much. Start with just 1 teaspoon (2-3 grams) to assess potency and work up from there. 

Once my drink is standing by and the dose measured, I tip my head back and pour the powder onto my tongue. Quickly follow with a BIG sip of your liquid, enough to fully coat the mouthful of powder. Swish it all around to break up clumps before gulping it all down. 

Following these tips will help you avoid getting a mouthful of dry powder that’s impossible to swallow. With your drink ready to go and dose pre-measured, the kratom will wash down easily. The more you practice, the smoother the toss and wash process becomes. Soon it’s just a quick daily ritual.

Let me know if you have any other kratom questions!

Tips For Toss And Wash Success!

Here are some tips for making the toss-and-wash method easier based on my experience taking kratom powder daily:

  • Use a powdered drink like milk instead of water – the powder disperses and coats better in thicker liquids, helping avoid clumping. Fruit juice also helps mask the taste.
  • Always measure out your exact kratom dose first so you know precisely how much you’re taking each time.
  • Bring your chosen liquid to your mouth first before adding the powder. This allows you to wash it down instantly.
  • Toss the powder as far back on your tongue as you can, then quickly drink your liquid to encapsulate the powder for washing down.
  • Swish the liquid vigorously around your mouth before swallowing to break up any clumps.
  • Have a second drink on hand to chase the kratom, washing down any residual powder.
  • Inhale through your nose as you swallow to avoid inhaling the powder into your lungs.
  • Stay upright for a few minutes to allow the powder to fully digest.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks that can cause burping of the powder back up.

With practice, you can become an expert at the toss-and-wash method! Just be sure to have a drink ready, measure precisely, swish thoroughly, and chase it down smoothly. Keep tissues around for spills and sniff lemon for fresh breath. Though not glamorous, with these tips toss and wash can be quick, convenient, and effective.

Toss and Wash Kratom: Dosing and Alternatives

Toss and washing is a fast way to take kratom powder, but getting the dose right takes some trial and error. There are also some alternatives to toss and wash that I’ve found useful.

How Much Kratom Do You Need To Toss And Wash?

When first trying to toss and wash, start with just 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of kratom powder to see how it affects you. Measure precisely on a scale. You can gradually increase the amount to find your ideal dosage. I work up to about 4-5 grams per toss and wash, but less is more for some people. The key is taking the minimal effective dose for what you need. Too much kratom can make the toss-and-wash process uncomfortable.

Toss And Wash Alternative, The “Mix And Wash” Kratom Method 

If you have trouble with the texture of dry kratom powder, try the “mix and wash” method. Add your measured kratom dose to a bottle or shaker cup with some liquid. Shake vigorously to fully dissolve the powder, then drink it down quickly. Juices or milk work best to coat the kratom. This avoids the mess and texture issues of tossing and washing, though it takes a few minutes longer. 

Start low with dosing and find what method works for you. Toss and wash or mix and wash both to get kratom powder into your system fast. But it’s important to measure precisely and not overdo it. Let me know if you have any other kratom questions!

Kratom Toss and Wash vs. Capsules

When it comes to taking kratom powder, the two main methods are tossing and washing or putting it into capsules. Based on my experience, here are the pros and cons of each:

Kratom Toss And Wash 


  1. Works fastest, effects kick in quick
  2. Most cost-effective 
  3. Simple, no prep needed 
  4. Easy to adjust the dosage


  1. A bitter taste can be unpleasant
  2. Messy and texture issues for some
  3. Requires accurate scale to measure doses
  4. Not convenient for travel/portability

Kratom Capsules


  1. No taste, easy to swallow
  2. Pre-measured doses in each pill
  3. Very convenient and discreet
  4. Better for sensitive stomachs 


  1. Takes longer to feel the effects kick in
  2. More expensive than powder 
  3. Hard to tweak doses/strength
  4. Requires making capsules beforehand

For me, tossing and washing works great at home when I have time to measure out powder carefully. But capsules are better for travel and convenience. Try each to see what you prefer based on your needs! Let me know if you have any other kratom questions.

Here is a first-person article on troubleshooting toss and wash issues:

Is Kratom Toss and Wash Not Working?

Toss and wash is a popular kratom-taking method, but it doesn’t agree with everyone. Here are some common issues and solutions.


If tossing and washing is making you nauseous, try lowering your dose. Start with just 1 teaspoon and work up slowly to find your tolerance. Also, be sure to fully wash down the powder – leftover clumps sticking to your throat can cause nausea. Using a creamy liquid like milk can help coat the kratom powder for easier swallowing.


Certain kratom strains may cause more nausea and texture issues than others when tossed and washed. Greens and whites are generally smoother, while more alkaline reds can provoke stomach upset. Switch between strains to see which powder dissolves best for you. 

You can also try the “mix and wash” method instead – stir powder into a bottle of juice or milk first, then drink. This pre-mixes the kratom for easier ingestion.

While toss and wash works great for some, don’t force it if you have continued issues. There are many other great methods like tea, capsules, or mixing with foods or drinks. Find what works best for your body! Let me know if you have any other kratom questions.


In the end, while tossing and washing may not be the most glamorous kratom-taking method, it can be highly effective when done properly. Through trial and error, I’ve learned how to master toss and wash to get my measured kratom dose down smoothly.

Having the right liquid ready to go is crucial, as is fully washing to avoid any powder clumps getting stuck. Starting low with your dosage and working up slowly prevents nausea issues. Tossing far back on the tongue seems most comfortable.

However, toss and wash is certainly not for everyone. Many struggle with the texture or taste of dry powder. Some methods like mixing into drinks, making tea, or filling capsules can be easier on sensitive stomachs. If toss and wash just isn’t working for you, don’t force it – try another preparation method that fits your body best. 

While not the most elegant ritual, for me, tossing and washing offers a fast, efficient way to get kratom’s benefits when done properly. But we are all different. Finding your ideal intake method is key to maximizing this plant’s positive potential in your life. Hopefully, these tips help guide you to discover what works for your unique needs!


Does toss and wash hit faster than capsules?

Yes, toss and wash provide faster effects since the powder enters your bloodstream immediately rather than having to dissolve from capsules first. I feel toss and wash kick in within about 15-20 minutes versus 30-45 minutes for capsules.

What drink is best to toss and wash with? 

I prefer using thicker, creamy beverages like milk or protein shakes. The texture coats the kratom powder nicely. Fruit juices also help mask the bitter taste well. Avoid carbonated drinks which can cause burping.

How long does kratom last with toss and wash?

It varies by strain and dosage, but I get about 4-6 hours of effects when tossing and washing moderate 2-4 gram doses. Lower doses wear off faster. Using potentiators can prolong the effects too.

Why does tossing and washing make me nauseous?

Usually, nausea is from swallowing powder chunks or using too high of a dose. Make sure to fully wash down the powder with enough liquid. Start low with dosage and increase slowly to find your tolerance. Switching strains can help too.

Let me know if you have any other kratom toss and wash questions! I’m always happy to share my experience with this method.


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