Solubility of Kratom in Water – Tips to Dissolve Kratom in Water

Kratom in Water

Kratom has grown increasingly popular as a botanical supplement due to its reported energizing, mood-enhancing, and pain-relieving properties. However one consistent complaint from users is the difficulty getting kratom powder to fully dissolve in water. The hydrophobic plant material tends to float on the surface rather than dissolve smoothly. This can make preparing kratom drinks inconvenient and unpleasant. 

However, with the right techniques, kratom can dissolve sufficiently in water for easy, effective consumption. Let’s explore kratom’s solubility limitations, why it resists water, and practical methods to dissolve, mix, and enjoy kratom drinks.

Does Kratom Dissolve In Water?

The short answer is no, kratom does not technically dissolve in water the way soluble compounds like sugar or salt do. This is because the active alkaloids in kratom are hydrophobic organic compounds, meaning they repel water rather than bond with it on a molecular level. 

However, kratom can be dispersed in water through mechanical mixing. The powder partially breaks down into a suspended colloid, allowing the alkaloids to be carried and absorbed effectively despite not “dissolving”. It requires work to break the surface tension and get the particles suspended, though full chemical dissolution never occurs.

With the right tools and techniques, kratom can be mixed thoroughly in water for pleasant, consistent drinks that deliver the desired effects.

Why Doesn’t Kratom Dissolve In Water?

There are two primary scientific reasons that kratom resists dissolving in plain water:

Hydrophobic Plant Compounds

The main active alkaloids in kratom, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, contain hydrophobic hydrocarbon ring structures. This makes them insoluble in polar solvents like water. The non-polar, oily nature prevents water molecules from surrounding and dissolving the alkaloid molecules.

Surface Tension of Water

Water’s high surface tension causes it to bead up rather than penetrate plant material. This causes kratom powder to clump and float stubbornly rather than disperse. Even shaking vigorously cannot overcome the surface tension holding the particles together.

Understanding what causes kratom’s insolubility points the way to solutions. Altering solubility parameters with temperature, pH, surfactants, and mechanical energy can make kratom miscible in water.

How Can You Dissolve Kratom in Water?

While complete chemical dissolution in water is impossible, the following strategies can effectively disperse and suspend kratom particles for mixing uniform drinks:

  • Use warm or hot (not boiling) water to lower surface tension
  • Add citrus juice or another acid to alter pH and ionic strength 
  • Include coffee, chocolate, or herbal teas to provide surfactants 
  • Blend or vigorously stir with a whisk to input mechanical energy
  • Let the mixture rest so clumps fully expand and hydrate

The goal is to maximize dispersion and absorption while minimizing floaters and grittiness. With care and technique, kratom can dissolve in water sufficiently for consumption.

Tricks and Tips to Dissolve Kratom in Water

Follow these proven tips to easily mix kratom into water, juice, tea, or any beverage base:

Use Room Temperature or Warm Liquid

Cold water makes dispersing kratom difficult. Using room temperature, warm, or hot (not boiling) liquid lowers surface tension dramatically, allowing kratom particles to penetrate instead of clumping and floating.

Use a Whisk or Blender Bottle 

Introducing intense mechanical energy is key. A wire whisk incorporates air to fully break up powder clumps. Shaking vigorously in a blender bottle also disperses particles. Keep mixing until no more clumps remain. 

Add Liquid, Then Kratom Powder

Put your water, juice, or tea base in the cup first, then sprinkle kratom powder gently atop it before mixing. This prevents clumps from forming that resist wetting. The powder integrates much more easily into existing liquid.

Test different liquid temperatures, pH levels, resting times, and agitation methods to find your ideal kratom mixing procedure. Dissolving fully takes some trial and error.

Mixing Kratom Drinks and Trying to Dissolve Kratom, In Closing

While kratom does not truly dissolve in water, with the right techniques powders can be dispersed for effective drinks. Using warm liquids, adding citrus juice or tea, vigorously mixing with a blender or whisk, and properly layering powder atop water prevents stubborn clumping and floating. With patience and practice, you can create smooth, consistent kratom beverages.

Remember that potency and effects rely more on consuming the powder itself rather than perfect dissolution. Even with some remaining floaters, kratom mixed thoroughly in water allows absorption and benefits.

So don’t let the insolubility of kratom deter you from trying liquid preparations. The above-mentioned tips make mixing drinks an easy, enjoyable way to harness kratom’s advantages.


Q: Does boiling water help kratom dissolve?

A: No, boiling water is too hot for kratom. It can damage and denature the alkaloids. Lightly heated water of about 160-180 F is ideal for lowering surface tension while preserving kratom’s properties.

Q: Can I just take kratom powder with water like a pill? 

A: While the “toss and wash” method of gulping powder with water is popular due to convenience, mixing kratom ahead of time improves flavor and absorption. Taking dry powder also risks inhaling and choking.

Q: What liquids can I mix kratom in?

A: Kratom can be mixed into water, teas, coffee, juices, smoothies, yogurt drinks, protein shakes, and more. The solubility principles remain the same. Always add kratom powder to liquid, not vice versa.

Q: Does dissolving kratom make it stronger?

A: A fully dissolved kratom drink is no more potent than taking the same powder dose tossed and washed. However, dissolution helps avoid the loss of powder and improves consistent dosing and effects.

Q: Can I just take more kratom if it doesn’t dissolve fully?

A: Yes, the effects will be the same regardless of how dissolved the powder is, provided you ingest the full dose. But poorly mixed drinks may be gritty and unpleasant. It’s best to mix properly for enjoyment.

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