Solubility of Kratom in Water – Tips to Dissolve Kratom in Water

Kratom in Water

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Many people ask how to dissolve kratom, especially if they prefer drinking it with water or juice. But here’s the thing: kratom powder doesn’t actually dissolve in liquids.

But don’t worry! There are easy ways to make drinking kratom much better and smoother.

In this article, we explore the best ways to enjoy your kratom drink. Even if you can’t dissolve it, we’ve got some awesome alternatives to make drinking kratom more enjoyable. Let’s check them out!

Does Kratom Dissolve in Water?

To put it simply, kratom doesn’t behave like substances such as sugar or salt that dissolve easily in water. This is because the active components in kratom, known as alkaloids, are hydrophobic. Essentially, these compounds repel water instead of binding with it at a molecular level, making complete dissolution impossible.

However, while kratom doesn’t dissolve in water in the same way, it can be dispersed in water through mechanical mixing. When you mix kratom powder with water, it doesn’t fully dissolve, but it breaks down partially, forming a suspended colloid. This allows the alkaloids to be carried in the water and absorbed effectively, even though they don’t dissolve completely.

Creating a proper mixture in water requires some effort to break the surface tension and get the powder particles properly suspended. This way, you can achieve a consistent and pleasant kratom drink that delivers the desired effects, although complete chemical dissolution never occurs.

By utilizing suitable tools and techniques for mixing, you can create a well-blended kratom drink that maintains its effectiveness, even though it doesn’t fully dissolve in water due to its hydrophobic nature.

Why Doesn’t Kratom Dissolve In Water?

There are two primary scientific reasons that kratom resists dissolving in plain water:

Hydrophobic Plant Compounds

The main active alkaloids in kratom, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, contain hydrophobic hydrocarbon ring structures. This makes them insoluble in polar solvents like water. The non-polar, oily nature prevents water molecules from surrounding and dissolving the alkaloid molecules.

Surface Tension of Water

Water has a strong surface tension that makes it form droplets instead of soaking into things like plant material. That’s why kratom powder tends to clump together and stay floating instead of spreading out in water. Even shaking it hard doesn’t help break up these clumps.

Knowing why kratom doesn’t dissolve in water helps us find ways to make it mix better. By changing things like temperature, how acidic or basic the water is, using certain substances that help mix things, and using energy to mix it, we can make kratom mix better with water.

How Can You Dissolve Kratom In Water?

Getting kratom to fully dissolve in water isn’t possible, but there are smart ways to make it blend well for smoother drinks:

  1. Warm Water Works: Using warm water (not too hot) makes it easier for kratom to mix because it reduces the tension on the water’s surface.
  2. Add a Citrus Twist: Adding something like citrus juice changes how acidic the water is. This helps kratom blend better when you mix it.
  3. Try Different Teas: Ever thought of using coffee, chocolate, or herbal teas? They have things that help mix stuff together, which can make kratom mix more evenly.
  4. Mix It Up: Use a blender or stir really hard with a whisk. This adds energy to the mix, helping the kratom spread out better in the water.
  5. Let It Rest: Give it some time! Leave the mix for a bit, so any lumps in the kratom can soak up water fully and spread out evenly.

The goal is to spread the kratom evenly in the water so your body can take it in well without any bits floating around. By following these tips carefully, you can make kratom mix well enough in water to make it easy to drink.

Tricks And Tips to Dissolve Kratom In Water

Follow these proven tips to easily mix kratom into water, juice, tea, or any beverage base:

Use Room Temperature or Warm Liquid

When you use cold water, mixing kratom becomes harder. But if you go for room-temperature, warm, or slightly warm liquids (not too hot), it makes a big difference. Here’s why:

Cold water doesn’t let kratom mix well because it keeps the water’s surface tight, like a stretchy sheet. This makes the kratom particles clump together and float instead of spreading out evenly.

But when you switch to room-temperature or warm liquids, things change. These temperatures lower the tightness on the water’s surface. This change is like making that stretchy sheet loose, allowing the kratom to mix in better. As a result, the kratom particles can penetrate the liquid instead of sticking together and floating.

Use a Whisk or Blender Bottle 

When you’re dealing with kratom and want it to mix well, you’ve got to put some muscle into it. Here’s what you can do:

  • Whisk It with a Wire Whisk: Grab a wire whisk (you know, those wavy metal things) and stir the kratom into the liquid. This whisk mixes air into the mix, breaking up those clumps of powder. It’s like making kratom and liquid dance together for a smoother mix.
  • Shake It Up in a Blender Bottle: Pour the kratom and liquid into a bottle that’s good for shaking, like a blender bottle. Shake it really hard! This action helps the powder spread out evenly in the liquid. Keep shaking until there are no more clumps—just a nice, smooth mix.

By using a whisk or shaking hard in a blender bottle, you can make sure the kratom mixes well in the liquid. This means no more clumps or lumps, just a well-mixed drink ready for you to enjoy!

Add Liquid, Then Kratom Powder

Follow these steps for a smoother mix:

  1. Pour Your Liquid First: Fill your cup with water, juice, or tea before anything else. This creates a base for your kratom mix.
  2. Gently Sprinkle Kratom on Top: Slowly sprinkle the kratom powder onto the liquid surface. Doing it gently stops clumps from forming because the powder mixes in better.
  3. Mix It Up: After adding the kratom, mix it well with a spoon or whisk. This helps the powder blend into the liquid smoothly.
  4. Experiment to Find Your Way: Try different temperatures, how acidic or basic the liquid is, how long you let it sit, and how you mix it. Everyone has their best way of mixing kratom, so it might take a bit of trial and error to find yours.

Finding the perfect way to mix kratom might need some testing. But by adding the liquid first, then gently sprinkling the kratom, and trying different methods, you can discover the best way to make your kratom drink just right for you.

Mixing Kratom Drinks And Trying To Dissolve Kratom, In Closing

Making kratom fully dissolve in water? Sorry, it can’t happen. Kratom powder doesn’t fully dissolve in water because it doesn’t mix well with water-based liquids that are safe to drink.

However, even though it won’t fully dissolve, you can make kratom powder mix better in liquids with some tricks. Here’s how: Try using warm liquids, adding citrus juice or tea, and mixing vigorously with a blender or whisk. Also, putting the powder on top of the water first helps prevent clumps and floating bits.

With a bit of practice, you can make nice and consistent kratom drinks. Remember, the strength and effects mostly come from drinking the powder itself, not from making it dissolve perfectly. Even if some bits remain floating, mixing kratom well in water lets your body absorb its benefits.

So, don’t worry if kratom doesn’t dissolve completely in water. These simple tips make mixing drinks easy and fun, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of kratom in liquid form.


Q: Does boiling water help kratom dissolve?

No, boiling water is too hot for kratom. It can damage and denature the alkaloids. Lightly heated water of about 160–180 °F is ideal for lowering surface tension while preserving kratom’s properties.

Q: Can I just take kratom powder with water like a pill? 

While the “toss and wash” method of gulping powder with water is popular due to convenience, mixing kratom ahead of time improves flavor and absorption. Taking dry powder also risks inhaling and choking.

Q: What liquids can I mix kratom in?

Kratom can be mixed into water, teas, coffee, juices, smoothies, yogurt drinks, protein shakes, and more. The solubility principles remain the same. Always add kratom powder to the liquid, not vice versa.

Q: Does dissolving kratom make it stronger?

A fully dissolved kratom drink is no more potent than taking the same powder dose tossed and washed. However, dissolution helps avoid the loss of powder and improves consistent dosing and effects.

Q: Can I just take more kratom if it doesn’t dissolve fully?

Yes, the effects will be the same regardless of how dissolved the powder is, provided you ingest the full dose. But poorly mixed drinks may be gritty and unpleasant. It’s best to mix properly for enjoyment.

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