Best Way To Take Kratom? Detailed Guide 2024

Last updated on December 15th, 2023 at 10:48 am

Discovering the perfect way to enjoy Kratom powder can be an exciting journey! With its energizing and calming effects gaining popularity, the options for consumption are diverse. Whether you prefer the classic toss and wash, blending it into a refreshing smoothie, or sipping it as a soothing tea, Kratom offers flexibility for a personalized experience.

For newcomers, navigating the world of Kratom involves a bit of trial and error as you figure out the ideal strains, dosages for kratom, and preparation styles that cater to your unique preferences. Let’s explore the delightful adventure of finding the best methods to take Kratom powder!

Finding the Best Way to Take Kratom

Kratom comes in many different forms, and figuring out the most pleasant, convenient, and consistent way of taking kratom supplements involves assessing factors like personal taste buds, lifestyle habits, dosage requirements, timeframe, and more.

Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of the most common kratom consumption methods to inform your exploration:

Powdered Kratom

The most widely available and typically lowest-cost form of kratom, powdered dried leaf, can be easily purchased online through many vendors and allows for simple yet versatile usage. Powder made from herbs can taste bitter. People often mix it into food or drinks to make it taste better. 


  • Most affordable and accessible format.
  • It is simple to precisely measure doses. Use a digital gram scale to dial in the perfect personalized amount based on variety and potency.
  • Easy to mix into smoothies, protein shakes, tea, and coffee to avoid an unpalatable bitter taste.
  • Can be placed into empty capsules of various sizes.
  • Allows precise measured doses in convenient pill form. Easy to swallow.


  • Extremely bitter. Requires mixing into a strongly flavored food or drink.
  • Difficult to measure precisely without a digital scale.
  • Can cause mild stomach upset, nausea, and constipation at higher doses.
  • Shorter shelf life than extracts or capsules.
  • It can feel overwhelming to navigate different kratom powder strains and vendors. Do research to determine the best leaf for your needs.

Taking Kratom With Food

Mixing bitter kratom powders into food or drink remains popular for masking unpalatable flavors and allowing easier ingestion, yet doing so poses caveats regarding bioavailability, timing of effects, and dosing precision compared to consuming pure water on an empty stomach. 


  • Hides strong herbal bitterness when mixed in flavorful foods or drinks for easier consumption
  • Allows kitchen experiments to find compatible foods like peanut butter or sweets that blend well with the powder
  • Provides longer-lasting effects by gradually absorbing with meals, extending release by 1-2 hours


  • It reduces potency and peak effects significantly when taken with food, as it dilutes kratom and delays its impact.
  • Inconsistent absorption with different foods complicates accurate dosing and masks batch potency assessment.
  • Demands extra time for cooking or blending compared to the quicker toss-and-wash method.
  • Potential allergic risks arise when combining kratom with other ingredients.

Bottom line: pairing kratom powder into edible mixes satiates taste but compromises intensity. The fed state alters pharmacokinetics. Stick with a toss and wash on an empty stomach when possible if seeking full-effect reliability.

Making Kratom Tea

Another way to take kratom is by crafting kratom tea, which is a simple and enjoyable way to consume this herbal supplement. Begin by simmering water and adding your desired kratom dose, letting it simmer for 10–15 minutes. Strain the tea to remove the kratom powder, leaving a smooth liquid. You can enhance the taste with natural sweeteners like honey or lemon.

Kratom tea offers a milder taste and quicker absorption compared to consuming the powder directly. It reduces the risk of stomach discomfort for some individuals.

What Is The Ideal Way To Take Kratom?

So what method ultimately rises above as the best practice for kratom supplementation, especially for beginners? Personal preferences will guide choices, starting with high-quality raw powder taken either as measured scoops of “toss and wash” or blended into sweetened juices or smoothies, which offers reliability, full effects, convenience, and accuracy hard to beat before venturing into more advanced methods like extracts or oblate wraps.

The key remains to tailor rituals to your individual needs while monitoring their optimal frequency. Clean, powdered kratom respects this plant ally, offering unique therapeutic gifts when honored mindfully.


What is the best way to take kratom for beginners?

For beginners, starting with good-quality raw powder taken as a basic toss and washing or mixing it into sweetened juices, smoothies, or teas is recommended. This allows you to accurately measure doses and get the full effects for assessment before exploring more advanced methods.

What is the healthiest way to take kratom?

The healthiest preparation is to take a raw powder on its own or steep it into freshly made tea, avoiding premade extract shots or enhanced commercial capsules with questionable additives. Stay well-hydrated as well.

What potentiates the effects of kratom most?

Taking kratom on an empty stomach for approximately 30–45 minutes before dosing boosts absorption. Certain natural supplements like turmeric, grapefruit juice, and black pepper may also enhance some alkaloid actions once effects are established.

Does taking kratom capsules work as well?

Kratom capsules are convenient, but absorption and intensity of effects are typically muted and delayed compared to raw powder taken directly. Plus, commercial capsules often have other fillers of uncertain quality. Check carefully on manufacturing if going the capsule route.


Finding the best way to take kratom supplements involves personal exploration to match ideal strains, potencies, and preparation styles to your wellness goals and lifestyle. Whether prioritizing convenience like capsules or focusing purely on effectiveness, such as with toss and wash dosing, monitor your experiences closely, recording how timing, cycles, and amounts influence energy, pain relief, duration, or other desires. Stay receptive, and let your intricate biofeedback guide positive kratom.

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