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Indo Kratom Vs. Malay Kratom – Major Differences You Should Certainly Know

Indo Kratom Vs. Malay Kratom

The use of Kratom as a preferred remedy has surged globally, with people embracing it over traditional medications. What once began as a simple tea made from local Kratom leaves has now evolved into a widespread practice. Kratom users worldwide are leaning towards this natural alternative even before consulting doctors, consuming it in various forms […]

Kratom Nutrition Facts Uncover: Calories And More

Kratom nutrition

Many people are curious about the nutritional properties of kratom. Does kratom have calories, vitamins, or any significant nutritional value? This blog is dedicated to addressing these common queries comprehensively. By examining the nutritional aspects of kratom, we aim to offer a clear understanding of its nutritional content and whether it holds any additional benefits […]

Does Lemon Juice Really Enhance Kratom’s Effects?

Kratom Lemon Juice

Want to get the most out of your kratom dose? Lemon juice might do the trick! Simply put, mixing kratom with lemon juice not only makes it taste better but also makes its effects stronger. That’s why lots of kratom tea recipes include lemon juice! If you’re curious about how and why this works, keep […]

Candied Oranges With Kratom Extract

Kratom Extract

“Have you ever tried delicious candied oranges mixed with kratom extract? Kratom is a natural supplement made from leaves found in Southeast Asia, known for its medicinal uses and energy-boosting qualities. By blending kratom with sweet candied oranges, you can enjoy this herb in a delightful and tasty way. Let’s discover the perks of candied […]

Kratom Allergies: Symptoms And Remedies


Have you ever wondered if someone could be allergic to kratom? Our bodies are like fingerprints; each one acts a little differently. Surprisingly, just like some people are allergic to everyday things like water, a few may experience allergic reactions to kratom. Although it’s incredibly rare, being allergic to kratom is something worth knowing about. […]

Ask Hypno Kratom: What is Nano Kratom?

Nano Kratom

Nano Kratom is a newer form of Kratom, which usually comes as a powder, unlike traditional Kratom, which is available in various forms like tablets, capsules, or tea. The powder dissolves swiftly, making it popular among users who find dealing with leaves bothersome. Many Kratom enthusiasts might not be familiar with Nano Kratom because it’s […]

Dealing With Kratom’s Nose-Burning Sensation

Kratom's Nose-Burning

When it comes to using kratom, various methods offer convenience or quick effects, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the right method matters. For those using oral ingestion, an unpleasant sensation that might occur is a burning sensation in the nose after taking kratom. Accidentally getting kratom in your nose can indeed be […]

Kratom Skincare: Can This Herbal Supplement Transform Your Skin’s Health?

Kratom Skincare

Kratom is gaining popularity as an ingredient in skincare products due to its potential to address specific skin conditions. Finding the right skincare products for your skin type often involves trial and error, considering the diverse range of skin types. Understanding the uses of Kratom and its potential benefits in skincare could reveal a new […]


Heat and Kratom

Kratom has become increasingly popular in recent years for its stimulating, pain-relieving, and mood-enhancing effects. However, many kratom users are unaware that exposing kratom to high temperatures can degrade its active alkaloids, reducing its potency. Understanding the relationship between heat and kratom is important to preserve the herb’s benefits. This article will examine how heat […]