Ask Hypno Kratom: What is Nano Kratom?

Nano Kratom

Kratom has become increasingly popular in recent years as a natural alternative to prescription painkillers and anxiety medications. As more people discover the benefits of kratom, new forms and preparations are being developed to enhance its effects.

One of the latest innovations in the kratom industry is nano kratom. But what exactly is nano kratom and how does it differ from regular kratom powder? Read on to learn everything you need to know about this new type of kratom product.

What is Nano Kratom? 

Nano kratom refers to kratom powder that has been processed into extremely fine particles that are nanometers in size. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, which means nano kratom particles are microscopic. This nanosizing process is achieved through advanced milling technology that finely grinds the kratom leaves into a powder that has smaller particle sizes than regular kratom powder. 

The result is a product that has an ultra-fine consistency similar to dust. When handled, it feels almost weightless. Nano kratom is so finely ground that when mixed in liquids, it will blend completely without leaving any gritty residue at the bottom. This makes nano kratom ideal for mixing into drinks or smoothies.

How is Nano Kratom Made?

Producing nano kratom requires specialized equipment and meticulous precision. It starts with fresh, high-quality kratom leaves that are carefully picked and inspected. The leaves go through a process of drying and curing to remove moisture content. Once dried, the leaves are meticulously milled into a very fine powder. 

This powder is then processed using high-speed oscillating ball mills that pulverize the powder into microscopic particles. These sophisticated devices use continuous circulation and high-speed rotor energy to grind the powder down to nanometer ranges. The final product is an incredibly smooth, ultra-fine greenish powder that almost looks like dust.

Multiple rounds of milling may be necessary to achieve the desired particle size. Extensive lab testing using laser diffraction analyzers is done throughout the process to ensure strict quality standards are met for particle size and consistency.

New Forms Of Kratom

Nano kratom represents an innovative new trend of experimenting with specialized preparations of kratom. Kratora is always staying on the cutting edge of new kratom formulas and delivery methods. In addition to nano grinding, here are some other new kratom preparations:

Kratom extracts: Through advanced extraction methods, the active alkaloids can be concentrated into a paste or powder that is more potent than regular kratom. This allows you to use less product.

Enhanced kratom: This features kratom leaves blended with concentrated extracts to produce an enhanced version with boosted alkaloid content.

Kratom tinctures: The kratom alkaloids are extracted into an alcohol solution for convenient dosing by drops from a liquid tincture.

Kratom effervescent tablets: Fizzy tablets provide a fun, refreshing way to consume kratom without needing to mix powders. Just drop in water and enjoy.

Kratom energy shots: Modeled after popular energy shot products, these provide a potent boost in just a small dose of liquid.

So in addition to nano processing, kratom is now available in more forms than ever before. The availability of new and innovative kratom products reflects the growing popularity of this botanical supplement.

Production Of Nano Kratom

The process of producing nano kratom is complex and meticulous. Let’s take a deeper look at what’s involved in making this speciality kratom product:

Harvesting Raw Material – It all starts with the source. Nano kratom can only be produced from fresh, mature kratom leaves that are harvested at peak potency. Most nano kratom is made from leaves sourced from sustainably harvested wild kratom trees in Southeast Asia. 

Cleaning & Processing – The fresh kratom leaves go through a process of cleaning, drying, and curing to prepare them for milling. Proper handling, sanitation, and drying methods are vital to retain potency.

Milling To Powder – Once dried, the leaves are milled into a fine powder. This is done using heavy-duty grinders and hammer mills. The powder particle size is reduced as much as possible in this initial milling phase. 

Oscillation Milling – This is the key step that makes nano grinding possible. The kratom powder goes into an oscillation ball mill unit containing tiny ceramic beads. High-speed oscillation and continuous circulation cause ultra-fine grinding.

Air Classification – Cyclonic air classification helps achieve ultra-fine particle distribution in the nano range. Jets of air separate out the larger particles from the nanosized particles.

Testing & Analysis – Extensive lab testing using laser diffraction particle size analyzers determines that the final product meets rigorous standards for fineness and consistency.

Packaging & Validation – The finished nano kratom powder is quickly packaged in special bags or containers to protect it from contamination or moisture. Final validations confirm quality.

So that covers the detailed manufacturing process. It’s remarkable that kratom can be transformed into such a microfine powder through this nanotechnology.

Is Nano Kratom Legal?

Since kratom is currently legal at the federal level in the United States, nano kratom is also legal as long as it is pure kratom without any hazardous additives.

However, some states and local jurisdictions have imposed bans or restrictions on kratom products.

So the legal status of nano kratom can vary depending on where you live. It’s a good idea to check your local laws before purchasing nano kratom products online.

Here are some key facts on the legality of nano kratom:

Federally Legal – At the federal level, kratom and nano kratom remain legal in the U.S. The FDA has raised some concerns but not imposed any nationwide ban.

State Bans – A handful of states including Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin have imposed some form of kratom ban that prohibits nano kratom too.

Local Bans – Some counties and cities like San Diego, Denver, Sarasota County have enacted kratom bans within their jurisdiction. Nano kratom is prohibited too.

Must Be Unadulterated – It’s crucial that nano kratom products are pure kratom without synthetic additives which would make them illegal. Authentic nano kratom is simply finely ground kratom leaf material.

So most U.S. consumers can legally buy and use nano kratom provided it complies with state and local laws. It’s a good idea to use caution and vet any nano kratom source carefully.

Different Kinds Of Kratom

In addition to nano kratom, kratom powder is available in different varieties and strains. The main types of kratom powder include:

Maeng Da Kratom – This is one of the most potent strains of kratom. It provides a powerful energizing lift and has very high alkaloid content. Maeng Da originated in Thailand but is now grown in several areas.

Green Kratom – This variety offers a nice balance of stimulating and sedating qualities. It provides a mood boost while also helping to relieve pain. Green kratom is very versatile for many needs.

White Kratom – Known for providing clean focus and sustained energy. White kratom leaf has a high concentration of mitragynine, an activating alkaloid. It’s become popular for boosting productivity.

Red Kratom – Reds are dried longer, creating a more relaxing, sedative effect. Red kratom is associated with pain relief, relaxation and anti-anxiety benefits. It’s great for winding down in the evening.

Bali Kratom – Named after the Indonesian island where it originated, Bali kratom provides a smooth blend of effects. It’s a well-rounded strain that’s great for beginners.

So in summary, kratom strains like Maeng Da, Bali, Indo, Borneo, and Thai offer distinct alkaloid profiles and variations in effects. Nano grinding can be applied to leaves from any of these strains.

What are Nano Kratom’s Benefits?

Now that you understand exactly what nano kratom is and how it’s produced, what are the actual benefits of this unique product? Here are some of the main perks that nano kratom offers:

Enhanced Bioavailability – Because the particles are so tiny, nano kratom has an easier time passing through membranes in the mouth and digestive tract. This means more of the active alkaloids are absorbed efficiently.

Faster Onset – Due to the increased bioavailability, nano kratom takes effect more rapidly. Users start feeling the results within 5-10 minutes. This is a big improvement over conventional kratom that can take 30+ minutes to kick in.

Higher Potency – The ultra-fine nature of nano kratom allows the alkaloid content to be dispersed more thoroughly in water or juice. This leads to a more potent end product once ingested.

Easier Dosing – Microscopic particle size means nano kratom blends completely smoothly in liquids without any troubling sediment. This makes dosing nano kratom a breeze.

Fewer GI Issues – Some users experience bloating or constipation from regular kratom’s fibrous texture. Nano kratom’s smooth profile may create less gastric side effects.

So in summary, nano kratom can provide a more potent experience, faster onset, easier dosing, enhanced effects, and greater bioavailability compared to conventional macro kratom powders. More alkaloids are delivered efficiently.

Should I Switch to Nano Kratom?

With all the hype surrounding nano kratom, you may be wondering if it’s worth switching over from conventional kratom powder. Here are some things to consider:

If it ain’t broke – If you’re fully satisfied with your current kratom results, don’t feel compelled to switch to nano. Stick with what works.

Upgraded experience – If you tolerate kratom well but want more intensity, nano can take your experience to the next level, potentially helping with kratom tolerance.

Faster convenience – Those wanting faster onset and smoother drinks may appreciate nano kratom’s advantages.

Sensitive stomach – Since it’s easier to digest, nano may help those with sensitivity to macro powders.

Higher cost – Nanosizing and advanced production results in nano kratom costing slightly more than regular powder.

So in summary, nano kratom offers some clear upgrades, but it also costs more. It’s best suited for those unsatisfied with their current results or seeking greater potency and convenience. Since effects can be amplified, start very low with dosage when first switching. Be safe and listen to your body!

Ask Hypno Kratom!

Hopefully this article has given you a thorough overview explaining what exactly nano kratom is. But we know you probably still have more questions about this unique new kratom product.

That’s why our team of kratom experts are here and happy to help with any questions. Here are some nano kratom FAQs people often ask us:

Q: Is nano kratom just a marketing gimmick?

A: While some nano products may be hyped up marketing ploys, legitimate nano kratom goes through an actual validated nanosizing process that can enhance effects. However, nano products do tend to be priced at a premium.

Q: Is nano kratom dangerous? 

A: When properly produced by a reputable company, nano kratom carries no additional risks over regular kratom. It’s simply regular kratom powder that has been micronized. However, very high doses may cause side effects, so moderation is still advised, especially if you’re concerned about potential side effects of kratom. Start low when first trying it.

Q: Can you vape nano kratom?

A: No, vaping or smoking nano kratom is never recommended. Nano kratom is designed to be mixed and consumed orally in water, juice or smoothies. Vaping powders of any kind could be hazardous.

Q: How long do nano kratom effects last?

A: Since nano kratom acts faster, the effects may wear off sooner as well. Duration is typically 4-6 hours. However, taking regular “top up” doses can sustain the benefits for longer as desired.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hypno Kratom team with your nano kratom questions. We’re always happy to provide guidance to help you understand if nano kratom is right for your wellness needs. Visit us at to learn more and browse our selection of all the latest kratom products!

Nano Kratom Cheat-Sheet

For a quick recap, here is a nano kratom cheat sheet covering the key points:

  • Made from kratom leaves finely ground into microscopic particles 
  • Achieved through advanced nanosizing technology and oscillating ball mills
  • Particle size reduced down to nanometer ranges (one billionth of a meter)
  • Results in an ultra-fine powder that blends smoothly in liquids
  • Provides enhanced absorption, potency, and bioavailability
  • Onset of effects is accelerated to just 5-10 minutes
  • Easier to dose and digest due to smooth texture 
  • Allows more alkaloid content to be readily absorbed
  • Still legal federally and in most states (but check local laws)
  • Costs more than regular kratom powder due to production process
  • Offers upgraded experience but may not be necessary for all users
  • Start low with dosage to assess potency and suitability for your needs

So in summary, nano kratom provides a faster, smoother, more potent kratom experience – but proceed carefully and assess if it’s right for you!

What Does Nano Kratom Do: Marketing vs. Reality

With an innovative new product like nano kratom, some exaggerated marketing claims are inevitable. But what effects can you realistically expect from nano kratom compared to traditionally ground kratom? Here’s an honest assessment:

Marketing Hype: “Nano kratom is 10x stronger and lasts for 12 hours!” 

Reality: It’s not 10x stronger, but the increased bioavailability can make it feel about 30% more potent. Effects typically last 4-6 hours.

Marketing Hype: “Nano kratom always works instantly!”

Reality: It does work faster than regular kratom, but “instantly” is an overstatement. Effects manifest within 10 minutes but not immediately.

Marketing Hype: “Nano is completely side effect free!” 

Reality: It may cause less stomach issues, but nausea and headaches are still possible if you take excessive amounts. Moderation is still important.

Marketing Hype: “Nano kratom is some breakthrough new compound!”

Reality: It’s just regular kratom leaves ground into a finer powder – not a radically different substance.

So in closing, nano kratom can provide a more potent experience with faster onset and easier dosing. But marketing claims are often exaggerated. Treat it with care and respect as you would any kratom product. And always discuss options with your doctor.

Pros And Cons 

Like any kratom product, nano kratom has both pluses and minuses. Here is an overview of the key pros and cons to consider:


  • Faster onset of effects (5-10 minutes)
  • Increased absorption and bioavailability 
  • Smoother, easier mixing without sediment 
  • 30%+ boost to potency
  • May cause less stomach upset 
  • More convenient dosing experience


  • Higher cost than regular kratom
  • Can be overly intense if you overdose dosage
  • Shorter duration (4-6 hours)
  • Not necessary for satisfying regular kratom experiences
  • Need to be cautious with dosing until effects known
  • Lacks research on potential long term effects

So in summary, nano kratom can provide an upgraded experience but also comes with some drawbacks to consider. As always, educate yourself on any new botanical you try and start slowly.

In Conclusion

Nano kratom is an innovative new way to experience the benefits of kratom leaf powder. By grinding the leaves into microscopic particles using advanced nanotechnology, nano kratom can increase absorption rates, accelerate onset of effects, improve mixing ability, and heighten potency.

However, nano kratom comes at a higher price and may be overly intense for some users. It’s best suited for those wanting to enhance their kratom experience or who have issues using regular kratom powder effectively.

Approach dosage carefully and assess nano kratom’s suitability for your particular needs and tolerance.

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