Hypnokratom was founded in 2022 by longtime kratom enthusiast Aaron Krahling right here in Oregon, USA. As a seasoned kratom user himself for over 5 years, Aaron was increasingly frustrated by the lack of purity, quality, and transparency he encountered from many major kratom retailers. 

Too often he found poor quality dried leaf, misleading labels about strains and regions, and zero lab testing for contamination. So in early 2022, Aaron made it his personal mission to create the company he always wished existed – a kratom vendor that champions lab testing, ethical sourcing, complete transparency, and premium quality above all else. 

In short – a company that sees this incredible botanical as more than just a business, but as a helpful natural remedy and path to improved health and wellbeing when used properly. That inspiring vision is how Hypnokratom first came to life right in Aaron’s hometown of Portland, Oregon with the help of a small team of dedicated kratom experts.

Sourcing Only the Purest Kratom Direct from the Source

Since day one of operations, Hypnokratom has established strong, fair-trade supply chain connections with expert kratom harvesters across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other southeast Asian regions that produce premium quality kratom. 

We only source the purest, most potent kratom leaf varietals from smaller farms utilizing ethical harvesting practices to protect both forest and farmers. Our wholesale partnerships pay harvesters 2-3 times fair market value to incentivize responsible harvesting for generations to come – and reward them for their impressive knowledge of this botanical.

Once imported to the USA under fair trade agreements, every batch then enters our in-house laboratory for another round of rigorous contaminant testing and verification of potent alkaloid levels before it is ever made available for customers.

Industry Leading Quality and Testing Protocols  

As AKA GMP Qualified with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, we follow strict good manufacturing processes and quality assurance protocols in compliance with American Kratom Association guidelines – even surpassing them in many regards with our robust contaminant testing.

That includes screening for heavy metals, salmonella, e. coli, yeast & mold and other microbiologics to ensure our kratom powder remains pure. We also test quantities of key active alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to guarantee potency consistency across the complex array of strains we offer. 

Ultimately, we’re obsessed with quality at every stage. From sourcing, to lab purity verification, handling protocols and even our dark glass jars used for storage – our entire supply chain is optimized for kratom freshness.

After serving thousands of satisfied returning customers over the past 2 years, our commitment to delivering the highest quality and most thoroughly tested kratom on the modern market has only grown stronger.

An Ever Expanding Range of Premium Kratom Products

Today, Hypnokratom offers an extensive array of over 50 premium kratom powders and capsules spanning every major vein type and strain in inventory – along with harder to find extracts and enhanced products for veteran kratom users. Complete lab documentation and current certificates of analysis are available upon request for every unique product to back up label claims.

Our catalog also grows nearly every month as we continue discovering exciting new ethical farming partners abroad unlocking unique and rare regional varietals to bring back to our Oregon headquarters.

Founding Principles that Earned Our Reputation 

From the beginning, we’ve founded Hypnokratom on 5 core principles we refuse to compromise:

1. Rigorously Triple Lab Tested Kratom

2. Ethically & Sustainably Sourced from the Source 

3. AKA GMP Standards for Quality Assurance

4. Pure Customer Service & Ongoing Kratom Education

5. Complete Testing Transparency  

By staying true to the values and processes that have earned the trust of so many kratom users over the past 2 years, our goal is to cement ourselves as the leading vendor for all your kratom needs for years to come. 

If you have any other questions about our company or products, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team of kratom experts are always happy help find your perfect match and share our passion for this incredible botanical that changed our lives for the better.